What does your business get trouble

    to deal with quality problems ?

Who we are


Pro-Q is an independence company offer a wide range of quality inspection, reworking, and logistics solution services for both automotive and non-automotive. Our services including sorting, control shipment, reworking, de-rusting, launch support, repackaging, light assemble, re-packing or labeling, returnable packaging management through the supply chain and quality system consultants. The main activities are in automotive supply chain sector.


Our managing director and operation team have manufacturing experiences, particularly in the part inspection, quality control and quality assurance section. This experience has brought extensive knowledge about compliance with zero defect requirements. We can help you meet these demands.



The value of Pro-Q


Skilled and supervised teams

Every work team we assign at your site are trained on containment action procedures, standardize and inspection techniques, the personal experienced skills including gaging, instruments and visible defect detection.


In addition to making sure our operation excellent of the activity, we always provide on-site supervisors who are trained in management and quality inspection procedures, inspection report and paynter chart so you can continue to focus on your job, not the sorting activity.



Because quality concern can occur at any time, we make sure we are available to support you in short period of time including weekend. We can assemble resources at a moment's notice to immediately implement a containment operation anywhere in Thailand.



We compile, document and deliver status of site reports that provide a comprehensive of inspection or audit trail of specific product quality issues to support your continuous quality improvement objectives.



Our high quality standards result in 100% product containment and 100% customer satisfaction.


Continuous improvement and focus on process validation

Our operation manager perform systematic audits and process verification while supervisors perform finished product audits. These audits are utilized to assure all inspectors are conforming to the defined job specifications and to assure an effective containment.



Managing director messages


" I am personal fully understood that the time is money, doing nothing is waste time, the delay response to quality problem is significant to damage big cost and leading to customer non satisfaction, nobody understands this more than our team who experiences in quality control and quality assurance for international company supplying to the automotive industry over 15 years. In order to remain the competitive, profitable and to ensuring that the business goal are met, the companies must deal with quality issues immediately before they can cause additional problems. "