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Stretch Packaging Technology

    LOCK N’ POP™ is a globally recognized provider of sustainable packaging solutions designed to REDUCE, AVOID OR ELIMINATE direct AND indirect costs associated with transporting palletized products to the marketplace. In addition, LOCK N’ POP™ solutions help increase production throughput. Our customers save money, reduce their environmental impact, and have the best solution for packaging, unitizing and transporting their products to the marketplace.

    LOCK N’ POP™ is a water based, organic cohesive used to eliminate many of the products used to unitize, or palletize products transported by ocean vessel , railcar or trucks to marketplaces anywhere in the world. Independent studies have also proven that when OPTIMIZED with stretch film, LOCK N’ POP™ creates strong loads and high stability at a reduced cost.

    LOCK N’ POP™ is NOT A GLUE yet works by “locking” surfaces together to reduce horizontal shifting during transport. Yet, packages effortlessly separate when “popped” off vertically at their destination: undamaged and without leaving any residue. A pallet unitized with LOCK N’ POP™ eliminates damage costs caused from products shifting and the material costs of packaging.


  •  LOCK N’ POP™ Adhesive